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Welcome to Dear Life

There's a quote by Ray Bradbury that goes like this, "Let the world burn through you. Throw the prism light, white hot, on paper."

A writer is a wire conductor. At our best, we transmit the emotions and sorrows and struggles that everyone experiences into words that everyone can understand.

My goal is to describe life in a way that causes readers to throw up their hands and shout, "That's EXACTLY how I feel!"

Grief, joy, love, suffering - they bring commonality to us all. They are the ties that bind.

Only, I don't want the world to burn through me. The world is a shadowy, flimsy perception of truth. I want Christ's light to burn through me. I want to live each day with my eyes wide open to the realities of what it means to be a loved and created being.

I write to understand. I write in an effort to think deeply, love completely, and walk in faith. 

The Honest Lies

Looking for a novel that brims with mystery, suspense, relational drama, romance, faith, and long kept secrets?

The Honest Lies might be your next favorite. You can buy a copy here.

Great plot with many twists and turns. Wonderful character building, and background descriptions that make the story flow with intensity and depth. This is one of those exciting stories that you think about during the day and can't wait to get back to when you return for the evening.

The whole second half of this book is pure adrenaline! Might have to read it a second time because I read it mostly in one sitting. At times the writing is almost poetic, adding a nice balance to the fast pace of the story.


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